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Development Suspended.


iLyrics Mobile helps you find the lyrics and artworks of your song from various lyrics site.

Since version 2, iLyrics Mobile gives you full access iPod library, you don't have to run iPod before open iLyrics Mobile anymore.

Manage your music via iTunes as usual, more of that you can now streaming from Dropbox to save you more space form your device.

If some how you have some musics without your iTunes Library, you can still connect to iTunes and drag files into share document, it will appear in Local tab and no syncing involved.

What's New

Version 2.1 (not release yet)

  • Option for disable/enable Shake to shuffle
  • Option for disable/enable Crossfade songs
  • Cache everything as possible, save some bandwidth for device and loading for server.
  • Optimized artwork base one device resolution.
  • New iLyrics Cloud server.
  • Performance and stability improved.


  • Display song artwork and lyrics from multiple languages.
  • Synchronizes song lyrics with audio, if lyrics are LRC format.
  • Sleep timer allows you stop playing after a period of time.
  • Supports iPod library, local device (share document) and Dropbox.
  • Change lyrics font, size and alignment you like. Use pinch to adjust font size while playing.
  • Search for songs and videos by title, artist name or album title.
  • Crossfade effect between songs

Known / Reported Issues

  • Launch then crashes.
  • Song info is not display correctly, therefore no lyrics.
  • Saving lyrics not work.
  • Shake to shuffle to sensitive.
  • Crossfade cut last 10 second instead of fade out.
  • Song from iTunes Match doesn't show lyrics.
These are most issues reported to me, and above issues are fixed on version 2.1.
Which will release as soon as possible, it everything goes well with Apple's review.
  • No lyrics found, old is better.
  • How to disable advertising.
These are really some complicate problems, it may caused by other issues more then iLyrics Engine itself. Lyrics problem should be fixed with next update for most cases.

Thanks for like this app, I don't like banners too. But since Apple's purchase is not support for "renting service" but only subscription for Magazine. I will leave it as a Free+Advertising App.

Requested Features

Some other requests, but I don't promise for any of these.

  • Create new playlist in app.
  • Arrangeable playlist, can control how and when every song plays.
  • Option for change default background image
  • Air play lyrics.
### Available on App Store iLyrics Mobile - Creativecrap
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