OkidoKey 2 includes an in-app keyboard with a plain text editor and keyboard extension for system-wide usage. And auto-copy Clipboard for typing without creating or opening a document.

Multiple input methods in one keyboard extension, typing English without switching to another keyboard, supports emoji, lexicon, spell-checks predictions and smart punctuation to improve quick typing.

* OkidoKey 2 requires iOS 11.0 and above
* OkidoKey Lite contains ads and some feature limits
** You should always try Lite version first, if the free version didn't work for you, then the paid version won't either

Input Methods

OkidoKey collects most common Chinese input methods, includes array, Bpmf, Cangjie, Dayi, Pinyin, Shuangpin, etc. in just one click away.

Each input method came with its own keyboard layout set, but it doesn't have to be matched in general. However, some input method with specific keyboard layout works differently. i.e, Zhuyin input method with Bpmf-Hsu keyboard can become a Bpmf-Hsu input method. Array30 input method with flick keyboard use flick gestures to input instead.

To install a custom input method, choose "Choose CIN File..." and select the CIN table file you would like to install.

Check out OkidoKey Charsets project for more information about keyboard layouts, built-in input methods, and data table files.

Bluetooth Keyboard

The text editor works well with Bluetooth keyboard, while Bluetooth keyboard is not supported by keyboard extension, OkidoKey Clipboard with Split View on iPad is the best choice.

The built-in text editor comes with more features then keyboard extension, include lexicon detection at everywhere, homophone, phonetic and lexicon lookup for marked text, and a few external keyboard specific designs.


  • Navigation Pad
  • Pop-up keys
  • Flick keys
  • Chinese Lexicon
  • Spell-checks
  • Smart Punctuation
  • Chinese Conversion
  • Phonetics Lookup
  • Homophones Lookup
  • Emoji
  • Composition Prompt


Working with Bluetooth keyboard or Smart Keyboard?

NO, the external keyboard is not supported by the keyboard extension.
YES, external keyboards are supported by the built-in text editor, and you can use it in Split View for iPad.

How to install a custom input method

Save the CIN table file in any cloud service i.e. iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Or send to the device via Email or iTunes.

From the Setting / Input Method, choose "Choose CIN File..." and select the file.

Grayed-out files and not selectable

While having other 3rd-party custom keyboard app installed, may case OkidoKey unrecognized the file type and unable to open or install. If unfortunately, this happened to you, please try to rename the file extension from .cin to either .gcin, .xcin, .csv or .okidokey then try again, or please try removing other 3rd-party custom keyboard app first.

How to use ETen keyboard with Zhuyin input method

Add or select existing Zhuyin input method, tap "Add Keyboard" and choose the keyboard layouts you would like to use. There are ET26, ET41, IBM, Hsu, and gcin-21-key available.

You may remove or change the keyboard order once you are done.

How to use Bpmf-Hsu input method

You can install Bpmf-Hsu input method or install a Bpmf input method then add Bpmf-Hsu keyboard instead.

How to install Boshiamy input method

Visit Boshiamy Walkthrough or ibus2cin project, after having your personal CIN data table file, follow "How to install a custom input method?" from above.

How to install a custom keyboard

From the Setting / Input Methods, select the Keyboard Setting to bring up the Allow OkidoKey To Access screen, tap Keyboards and enable both Keyboard and Allow Full Access options.

Paid v.s. Free version

Lite version contains advertisement and requires watching a commercial video to install input methods, either built-in or custom input method and allow only one input method installed, other than that they are all the same.


If you have questions or need help, you can find me at @ethanliu on Twitter, Creativecrap at Line, drop an email to apps+okidokey@creativecrap.com or just leave a message below and I'll respond asap.

Please fully describe your question, include iOS, OkidoKey version, device, environment etc. information, attach a video when possible. If you question is relate to a data table, please attach the file as well.

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