macOS 10.15 beta

  • misc
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  • Need to disable SIP more then ever since there's a new separated protected partition contains all system files
  • Need 2-copy of system fonts to disable system fonts since you can't delete or disable system fonts anymore
  • All apps are 64btis, includes AppleScript apps
  • Finder crashed on preview html file associated with Chrome?


  • Previous Firefox products issue fixed (possible related to jemalloc issue?)
  • Finder crashed when select a .html file fixed (might related to above issue?)
  • Finder and arrow keys now works as usual
  • Xcode 11b6 still have issue for accessing documents from DocumentBrowserViewController


  • Firefox/Thunderbird crashes on start Bugzilla
  • Much stable then b4


  • Unexpected crashes a lot, sometimes during shutdown/reboot process
  • DocumentBrowserViewController file accessing not working on simulator


  • UIDocumentController crashed on simulator
  • Finder and network driver slow issue fixes but still bit lag


  • Finder suffering serious performance issue on network driver
  • Xcode11 not working well with iOS12 runtime


  • Finder has wrong navigation behavior via keyboard (reported, but no response)
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