Synology NAS + ipkg

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Install ipkg

Use bootstrap script to install ipkg, and remember to use root instead of admin account.

DS410 for example

DS410 have MPC8533E PPC CPU, for 8533/8543 PPC models use syno-e500-bootstrap_1.2-7_powerpc.xsh.

chmod +x syno-e500-bootstrap_1.2-7_powerpc.xsh  
sh syno-e500-bootstrap_1.2-7_powerpc.xsh  
echo 'export PATH=$PATH:/opt/bin' >> ~/.profile  

Uninstall ipkg

If ipkg fails to work after upgrade DSM, need to uninstall then reinstall again

rm -fr /volume1/@optware  
rm -fr /usr/lib/ipkg  
vi /etc/rc.local # remove anything related to optware  

Install git by ipkg

Add symbolic links for all git commands to /usr/bin to prevent git-upload-archive or git-receive-pack not found error.

ipkg update  
ipkg list|grep git  
ipkg install git  
cd /usr/bin  
ln -s /opt/bin/git* .  
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