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This mod was designed for phpbb2 working with attachment mod. And since phpbb3 is out, this mod was no longer update

MOD Title: AMod Inline BBCode Addon
MOD Description: This MOD add a bbcode [attach] to display specific attachments inline with text

MOD Version: 1.0.4

Installation Level: Easy
Installation Time: Less then 20 Minutes

Author Notes:

This Addon base on Attachment MOD v2.3.x, you need to install this MOD and make sure
it works properly before you do anything. You can find Attachment MOD at

Don't forget to edit all your languages and templates files

Visit Administration Panel after install (optional)
change Attachment Display Order to Ascending in Attachments Settings
change Show new Attachment Posting Control Panel to No in Attachment Options


Use [attach=n] BBCode to display specific attachment when posting
where n is the serial number when you uploaded attachments


[attach=1] display the first uploaded attachment
[attach=2] display the second uploaded attachment

If a attachment is display by [attach] code inline with text
this attachment will display as a "link" like normail attachment MOD
after the end of text

MOD History:
2006-02-05 - Version 1.0.4
* small changes of installation for attachment MOD v2.4.1
no update need from v1.0.3

2005-08-27 - Version 1.0.3
* add a link to thumbmails in displaying attachments
* add thumbmails in previewing a message
* fix soem bugs

2005-08-05 - Version 1.0.2
* add a bbcode-like button besides posted attachemnts to
insert [attach=?] without counting by yourself
* fix display the wrong attachment when edit a post

2005-07-13 - Version 1.0.1
* 1.0.0RC only works with template_file_cache.php template engine
fix it with normal template.php engine

2005-07-10 - Version 1.0.0RC
* initial release

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