Input methods

zhim! is a text editor with Chinese input method framework, a variety of tables are available, including Array(行列), Boshiamy(嘸蝦米), Cangjie(倉頡), Dayi(大易), easy(輕鬆), Eten(倚天注音), Hsu(許氏注音), Zhuyin(注音), among others.

The tables can easily be edited or imported from CIN plugin format data table directly in-app or using online converting tool.

Each regular and symbol keyboard supports up to 5 row keyboard layouts, and keyboard layouts can be edited for each input method.


Choose any character or phrase from candidate bar by tap it or candidate key defined by input method. A trick for the composing buffer, you can use it for input English without switching keyboards.

Ever forgot how to spell a word or try to fix a typo? By select a word from editor and choose Find by pronounce, it will shows words with the same pronounce. Or find phrase to look for phrases starts with the selection.

Share and Sync

zhim! share text with other apps by copy and paste from clipboard, with Auto-Copy on, you just simply quit zhim! by home button then launch another app and paste text from clipbaord.

You can launch Line, WeChat, Map apps quickly from action button, or add item to Calendar, Reminder, composing to twitter, facebook directly without leaving the app.

Once you get used to it, it's actually very handy.

You can save as many as you want documents on device, to benefit for multiple devices, you can sync documents via iCloud, Dropbox and Evernote.

Add new input method

Create new input method directly from device is much easier, also improve cin-format data table importing performance.

There's no more certain filename limits, any text file will be accept. Even better you can choose download file from web during the import process.

Watch the screencast of How to install new input method directly from your device.

More screenshots

To learn more about zhim!'s dictionary


Import cin plugin by online converter


Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with all iOS devices.

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