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iLyricsWidget 3.1

iLyricsWidget is a Dashboard widget for Mac OS X. It works with iTunes and helps you find the lyrics and artworks of current playing song from various lyrics sites.


Since version 3.1, iLyricsWidget will need your own iLyricsCloud to make it work.
An example for How to install iLyricsCloud on OpenShift.

What's New

  • Better performance on Snow Leopard and Lion.
  • Much stable iLyrics cloud proxy.
  • Customizable display font and size.
  • Growl notification.
  • Korean lyrics support.
  • Player controls.
  • Synchronizes song lyrics with audio.


  • Display song artwork and lyrics from multiple source.
  • Synchronizes song lyrics with audio, if found lyrics are LRC format.
  • Customizable font family and size.
  • Background mode even works while not in Dashboard.
  • Auto save found lyrics and artwork to the song.


- iLyricsCloud required.
- Text alignment option.

- Fixed relaunch problem when quit iTunes.


iLyricsWidget v3.1.1

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